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It’s fair to say that when most homeowners in Cranleigh think of garden landscaping, their mind doesn’t automatically drift toward tree surgeons. With our range of powerful and heavy-duty machinery, not to mention working at height, we understand why this might be the case. However, here at Charterhouse Tree Care, we have significant experience in small scale domestic arboriculture work and tree surgery. Whether its hedge cutting, stump grinding or a site clearance, our range of tree work has played a vital role in turning dream gardens into striking realities.


If you haven’t been able to make the most of your garden in Cranleigh due to oversized hedges or a lingering tree stump, or if the growth pattern of a tree now represents a risk to your property, our tree surgeons are here to help.


Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the ways our tree surgery delivers immediate benefits while also representing a great investment too.


Tree Work | Always Money Well Spent




No price can be put on safety. When it comes to work like tree surgery, stump grinding and site clearances, the jeopardising of safety comes in numerous forms. Trees that grow too close to houses, power lines, underground cables and transport infrastructure, as well as otherwise healthy ones damaged in a storm, represent a genuine risk to the safety of the public and property. By adequately dealing with these issues, homeowners ensure that their property, and the people who use it, remain safe.


We undertake tree work in the Cranleigh area in line with multiple HSE regulations and British Standards, including BS 3998 and BS 5837. Quite simply, we have the kind of overview of a project at all times that guarantees safety, and that’s always worth investing in.


Time-Served Expertise


Another common way in which we protect safety is by undertaking dangerous work as professionals. In order to become tree surgeons, we undergo advanced training to NPTC and Lantra standards. This allows us to safely use the chainsaws and machinery so prevalent in our tree work and site clearances. This kind of equipment should never be utilised by inexperienced people in a bid to cut corners on tree surgery. By doing so, this not only endangers the person themselves, but those around them too.


In addition, each of our tree surgeons can swiftly differentiate between tree species. With this depth of knowledge, we know the growth patterns and unusual idiosyncrasies of the vegetation shortly after arriving at a site in Cranleigh. What’s more, through a simply visual inspection, we can identify a range of issues and symptoms such as weak branch unions, decline and disease.


Investing in such expertise from the outset of a project always delivers a cost-effective, time-efficient result.


Property Value


In a study published by Money Magazine, it was found that a property with a landscaped garden which underwent ongoing maintenance had a value of 6% to 7% more than one without. Naturally, the location of a property also has an impact in this regard. In addition, tree surgery and hedge cutting also helps to keep natural privacy features looking their best, delivering an ideal blend of security and aesthetic appeal. As part of this domestic service in Cranleigh, we also nurture young trees to ensure optimal growth as well as carrying out stump grinding to remove ugly tree stumps.


In more urgent situations, an inspection or a survey might reveal that a tree in a garden has weakened to the point of collapse in the near future. In these cases, we perform safe sectional dismantling to ensure your home escapes unscathed.


Ongoing Healthy Growth


Ideally, trees and vegetation would grow naturally into perfect specimens every time. The reality, of course, is that this rarely happens. In fact, when left uncared for, trees in the Cranleigh area often grow into conflict with property and public services. In our role as tree surgeons, we carry out a range of proactive tree surgery services, including crown work, stump grinding, hedge cutting and site clearances.


By staying ahead of problems associated with growing trees, we drastically reduce the likelihood of emergency tree work in the future.


Call 07974 102 026 or 01252 790 494 for more information on tree surgery services in Cranleigh.

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