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In our role as qualified, vastly experienced tree surgeons, Charterhouse Tree Care takes every measure possible to ensure the safety of the Farnham sites we work on. By its nature, tree surgery holds a certain amount of danger. Whether it’s stump grinding with powerful, heavy-duty machinery or hedge cutting and tree work at height with a chainsaw, our personnel undergo a significant amount of training in line with various Health & Safety regulations. Not only does this optimise safety, it also provides us with the best possible platform to produce the outstanding results we have become synonymous with. Whether you require a site clearance, crown work or tree felling, you can rest assured that we protect  your property and our tree surgeons at all times.


We have listed below a selection of the legislation that that we adhere to during our ongoing training and our full range of tree surgery services.


Health & Safety Regulations in Tree Work


1. Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations: 1992


To ensure a solid foundation for onsite safety in Farnham, we provide each of our tree surgeons with a full complement of personal protective equipment (PPE). Whether its hearing protectors, safety helmets, eye protection, boots or gloves, every representative of Charterhouse Tree Care comes equipped to perform their tree work as safely as possible.


2. Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations: 1998


When applied to tree surgery, this legislation pertains to the safe use of chainsaws. Certain aspects of tree work, stump grinding and site clearances involve using this powerful, potentially dangerous piece of equipment. By training in line with these regulations, our team of tree surgeons significantly reduces the likelihood of any incidents when using chainsaws.


3. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations: 2002


As a result of the tree surgery, site clearance and stump grinding services we conduct in the Farnham area, our tree surgeons create certain substances as a by-product. In the majority of cases, these come in the form of sawdust and petrol fumes from chainsaws. In order to minimise the impact of these substances, we train in full compliance with this legislation.


4. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations: 1998


When undertaking tree surgery services at height, we sometimes use a hydraulic lift. With an in-depth knowledge of this legislation, our tree surgeons work with this machinery at height with all required safeguarding.


5. Work at Height Regulations: 2005


This legislation provides the foundation for every aspect of our company Health & Safety protocols. In particular, these regulations ensure the optimal condition of the equipment we use when carrying out tree work at height. This includes the climbing harnesses and ladders that we use when undertaking tree surgery services.


6. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations: 1999


A vital element of the services we carry out in Farnham includes conducting risk assessments and site inspections on every site we work on. This legislation acts as a cornerstone for our services, allowing us to perform tree surgery, stump grinding and site clearance work in the safest environment possible.


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