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As tree surgeons with 18 years of shared trade and industry experience, we have seen first-hand the benefits that our tree work brings to domestic and commercial properties in Haslemere. From a pre-development site clearance to a Health & Safety-compliant stump grinding service, our full range of tree surgery and arboricultural work plays a significant role in improving aesthetics and safety as well as forming a single phase within a larger development project.


Whether you’re a new customer approaching us for the first time, or you’re one of our many returning clients seeking another outstanding service, we have listed below some of the advantages that come with our core tree surgery services.


Beneficial Tree Work


1. Site Clearance


In the majority of cases, a site clearance acts as a preliminary service ahead of a larger development project. For domestic customers, this can involve the clearing of vegetation and shrubs before the laying of a patio or decking or carrying out any kind of landscaping work. When it comes to commercial projects, this usually consists of removing trees, stump grinding work and the clearing of all vegetation and debris to create a completely clean slate ahead of property development.


Quite simply, the primary benefit of a site clearance remains the removal of all vegetation and waste materials by professional tree surgeons in a swift and efficient manner.  This in turn allows any project to progress to the intended timescale.


2. Stump Grinding


The advantages of stump grinding cover aesthetics, safety and overall garden health. As an eyesore, tree stumps draw attention. In well-cared-for Haslemere gardens or a business premises where our clients want to make a good first impression, the presence of a tree stump can be especially problematic. Likewise, tree stumps also represent a genuine trip and fall risk, something which could prove to be costly if an injury occurs. In addition, a rotting tree stump attracts various fungi and bacteria that can spread to other healthy plants in the area.


Stump grinding eliminates these risks. By grinding tree stumps to a safe level below the soil line, they can decompose without posing any danger. What’s more, following stump grinding, our clients also free themselves of landscaping limitations.


3. Tree Surgery


Our tree surgery services cover a wide range of requirements and offer just as many benefits. The crown work that our tree surgeons perform, namely lifts, reductions and thinning, help to increase light transmission and access in the immediate vicinity as well as reducing weight loads and fixing structural issues. Directional felling and sectional dismantling bring about safe tree removal in any Haslemere location while cable bracing helps to secure aged or damaged trees.


Quite simply, our range of tree work delivers advantages in every possible way, from safety to aesthetics.


We provide arboriculture and tree surgery services to both domestic and commercial clients. We tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of each sector, so our tree surgeons have equal proficiency when dealing with all of our value clients.


If you’re in need of superior tree work, stump grinding or site clearance services in Haslemere, call 07974 102 026 or 01252 790 494.

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