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Here at Charterhouse Tree Care, we understand the importance that our clients place on choosing their tree surgeons. Whether they require small-scale hedge cutting at a domestic property or the fulfilment of a large site clearance contract ahead of a property development project, our customers rightfully want to feel confident in their choice of tree work specialist. Due to the safety concerns involved in most of our tree surgery and stump grinding, not to mention the required expertise in every aspect of arboriculture, it soon becomes apparent that not all tree surgeons deliver the same levels of service.


As such, it remains imperative that property owners in Hindhead know what to look for when in need of professional tree surgery services. Below, we have outlined some of the key factors that reputable tree surgeons possess.


What to Look Out For


1. Qualifications & Experience – Fully qualified and vastly experienced tree surgeons understand that their Hindhead clients look for reassurances when choosing their tree surgery services. Very little beats the peace of mind that comes with knowing the professionals undertaking your tree work hold all the relevant qualifications and have years of experience in the trade. As such, reputable tree surgeons will always explicitly share information about their qualifications and experience.


Here at Charterhouse Tree Care, our team shares 18 years of industry experience. To supplement this, we hold qualifications with Lantra and NPTC, Surrey Trading Standards approved status and associate membership with the Arboricultural Association.


2. Clear Written Quotations – The very best tree surgeons operate with the utmost professionalism at all times, starting from the very first point of contact. The basis for any successful tree work remains a detailed, transparent quotation that lists the services to be carried and an exact cost. These quotations are based on the results of site surveys and tree inspections. Any professional can accurately assess the work that needs to be carried out during such visits, so no further work will be sprung on clients in Hindhead on the day of service.


These quotations also clarify any grey areas that vary between differing tree surgeons. For example, whether or not stump grinding is included as a separate service.


Whether our clients receive small-scale tree work or a larger scale site clearance, they know exactly what our tree surgeons will do on the day or days of the service.


3. Insurance Coverage

While we take every measure possible to guarantee safety on sites in the Hindhead area, there always remains a tiny chance that something could go wrong. To cover all eventualities, tree surgeons must hold employer’s liability and public liability insurance coverage. In the highly unlikely event of a falling tree or branch causing property damage, the company has the ability to cover any costs.


Charterhouse Tree Care holds £10m worth of public liability insurance, and £15m worth of employer’s liability insurance. Quite simply, when it comes to tree surgery, stump grinding or a site clearance, we have complete coverage.


4. Undoubted Expertise

Successful tree surgeons have to be conversant in chemistry, biology and pruning methods. They must also be physically fit as well as having masterful control of powerful machinery. With so much information at hand to pass on, there’s no need to talk in vague generalities. When it comes to tree surgery, we list the specifics of the service to be undertaken as well as how it complies with various HSE legislation and BS 3998. We also know what species of vegetation we deal with and how best to approach their required tree work.


The tree surgeons at Charterhouse Tree Care always strike the right balance between using our expertise and making things as easy-to-understand as possible. We want our clients to know that we’re highly proficient professionals, but we never want them to feel in the dark about their own tree surgery either.


Please visit the previous work page to view examples of the outstanding results we achieve as time-served tree surgeons.


Call 07974 102 026 or 01252 790 494 to discuss any kind of tree work, stump grinding or site clearance in Hindhead.

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