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Charterhouse Tree Care provides a full range of tree surgery services in both the domestic and commercial sectors. From finding solutions to problem trees to improving overall aesthetics, we tailor our approach to suit the needs of any customer or client. In addition, we make our tree work available on a one-off basis or as part of ongoing contracted maintenance. Quite simply, we deliver whatever our clients want without ever compromising on quality. When it comes to superior tree surgeons in Surrey and Hampshire, Charterhouse Tree Care remains the trusted choice.


Based in Guildford, we carry out tree work throughout the surrounding region including locations such as Cranleigh, Farnham, Godalming, Haslemere and Hindhead.


Our range of tree surgery includes:


• Crown Lifting

• Crown Thinning

• Crown Reduction

• Formative Pruning

• Directional Felling

• Sectional Dismantling

• Cable Bracing

• Bank Mowing

• Hedge Trimming


For the ultimate peace of mind, our tree surgeons conduct their work in full compliance with BS 5837: 2012 and BS 3998: 2010.


In addition, we have an extensive knowledge of tree preservation orders and conservation areas in the Surrey and Hampshire area. If we commit to any tree surgery work, our clients can rest assured that it remains entirely lawful.


If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, please contact us.

Choosing the Right Tree Surgery Service


Here at Charterhouse Tree Care, we take every step possible to ensure that our customers know exactly what their chosen tree work consists of. From detailed job specifications to clear and simple quotations, we keep our clients happy by keeping them informed.


Below, we have briefly outlined what our core services consist of so that your project in Guildford, Godalming or the neighbouring areas gets off to a smooth and efficient start.


Crown Lifting – This type of tree work involves removing the lowermost branches, or parts of branches, to a stated height above ground level. By doing this, our tree surgeons increase the head clearance beneath the crown, thus improving access and increasing the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground.


Crown Thinning – This process consists of removing a specified proportion of secondary branches throughout the crown. When performed by experienced tree surgeons, this evenly reduces the branch density without any alteration to the crown’s shape. We focus on cutting away weak, dead, damaged or crossing branches.


Crown Reduction – A highly precise form of tree work, crown reductions involve reducing the overall circumference or size of a tree’s crown. Generally speaking, we achieve this by cutting back carefully selected branches within the crown so as not to affect its existing shape.


Formative Pruning – In order to shape the growth of a young tree, we undertake formative pruning. When left unattended, the majority of fruit trees produce cluttered crowns that generate low-quality fruit. By carrying out this form of tree surgery, we develop a balanced, open network of strong, unshaded branches capable of supporting heavy crops.


Directional Felling – As tree surgeons, we strive to work with nature, not against it. This means we do everything possible to protect trees in Cranleigh, Haslemere, Hindhead and the wider Surrey and Hampshire area. With particularly problematic trees, however, felling has to be carried out. We conduct directional felling in wide open spaces where it remains safe to bring down a whole tree in a specified direction.


Sectional Dismantling – In more built-up areas of Guildford, Godalming, Farnham and the neighbouring areas, felling a tree whole simply can’t be done for safety reasons. In these cases, we perform sectional dismantling. This tree work involves one of our tree surgeons climbing up into the crown, cutting away segments from the top down and lowering them safely to the floor with a controlled descent via a rigging system.

Cable Bracing – If trees grow to an extent where they can no longer support their own weight, or if mature trees suffer significant damage during a storm, cable bracing helps to reduce the chances of structural failure. Expertly installed cables redistribute structural stresses, thereby avoiding tree surgery that might destroy the aesthetics of the tree at hand.


Bank Mowing – When it comes to maintaining slopes, banks and embankments in Hindhead, Haslemere, Cranleigh and the surrounding areas, it remains advisable to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Charterhouse Tree Care, our tree surgeons have received advanced training in the safe use of cutting-edge bank mowing machinery to keep any site looking its best.


Hedge Trimming – It doesn’t take long for a hedge to become unkempt, so we strongly recommend ongoing hedge trimming work to ensure properties in Guildford, Godalming and beyond always make a great first impression. In compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, we carry out work on formal and informal hedges between March and August in order to avoid disturbing or destroying the nests of wild birds.


To view examples of our tree surgeons in action, as well as the results they achieve, please visit the previous work page.


If you require any form of one-off or ongoing tree surgery service, call 07974 102 026. If we can’t pick up, please try 01252 790 494.

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